Here are some examples of websites that I have been a part of building or that use Best Place to Start for their hosting. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need my help with yours.

This site was basically an upgrade to a site that already existed.  We have modernized it and added a great deal of new capabilities and functionality to the site.  It is a  WordPress site using a theme that is designed for churches called Forgiven. This site is hosted with Best Place To Start. I really enjoyed working with the pastor and all the staff during this design and implementation. They really made my job simple and fun.

Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church Homepage

Here is an example of a site that uses the Website Builder, a product that is offered by Best Place To Start. The furniture artisan that owns this business asked me for a site and I helped him put it together. Now his customers can get an idea of the type work he can do and stay in touch with his business changes.

Homepage for a Furniture Craftsman

This site is one that a group of people from the church I attend have built. I am on the working team to make this website a reality. It is also built through a hosted WordPress website.

WordPress Site for Poplar Springs Baptist Church

This website,, was designed and built by me. It is a WordPress site hosted at Best Place to Start. The restaurant is nice place to meet your friends and a great place for really good food. Whether you dine in or take out, you are sure to be pleased.

Jackson’s Cafeteria