Joey Bridges
Joey Bridges

It seems like a much shorter time than it looks when I write it out, but I have worked in the computer industry since August of 1977. After being out of high school one year, I started working as a computer operator and from there progressed through several positions and companies as a programmer, programmer analyst, systems analyst and such. Currently I am responsible for systems and servers at Gardner-Webb University where I serve as Systems Administrator using VMWare and as Email Administrator utilizing Office 365.

I graduated from Gardner-Webb University in 1980 with a Bachelor of Science in Business degree.  Later on I went back to Gardner-Webb and earned a Master of Business Administration degree in 2006. This degree enables me to teach an occasional undergraduate class which I enjoy very much.

My offer to install and host WordPress websites for you is being put out there because it is something that after 40 years of computer work, it simply comes naturally to me and I want to help people like you have a nice website!

I am also a Godaddy re-seller.  I have an online web products and services store where you can buy domain names, hosted web sites, WordPress sites, SSL certificates and many more web based products. The store is called  When I include hosting in my prices, it is this store that I am using as the host.

A Fun Fact:

Image of a computer punch card
Back when I started working with computers in 1977, My job was a computer operator. On this job I fed cards like the one above into a card reader as input to payroll processing programs which processed and printed paychecks for employees of local companies.